Financial management

Create a financial structure that supports your business ambitions and ensures stability and sustainability for your company.

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Create a financial structure that supports your business ambitions.

To effectively support your business ambitions, it is crucial to establish a strong financial structure. This structure must also be flexible to adapt to market fluctuations and aim to maximize your profitability. Thus, you prepare your business for stable growth, in perfect alignment with your goals.

Be mindful of recurring symptoms of poor financial health and take action before it’s too late.

Symptoms of poor financial health

  • Decrease or complete absence of profitability: This can result from a poor business strategy, prices lower than your total costs, or a lack of control over all your costs.
  • Liquidity shortfall: This is characterized by a company’s inability to maintain sufficient liquidity to meet its financial obligations, resulting in payment delays, difficulties in paying bills, and increased reliance on borrowed capital.
  • Absence of adequate financial control: No necessary measures are implemented to monitor and manage a company’s financial activities properly, leading to poor resource allocation, a lack of transparency, and an increase in financial risks.
  • Ineffective inventory management: Excessive stock results in additional costs and increases the risks of losses or deterioration. Conversely, having insufficient stock levels can lead to stockouts, potentially resulting in the loss of customers.
  • Rapid growth: A rapid increase in business volume can easily lead to an excessive rise in debts and operational costs, thereby jeopardizing the financial stability of the company.
  • Lack of budget planning: The absence of budget planning is often the main cause of a company’s bankruptcy. Without effective budget management, the company loses control of its finances, leading to poor resource allocation, cash flow problems, and difficulty adapting to market fluctuations.

Did you know?

90 %

Cost price
Close to 90% of entrepreneurs do not have a good grasp of their cost price, often leading them to sell their products and services at a loss without even realizing it.

50 %

Cash flow projections
Half of the businesses overlook the importance of establishing cash flow forecasts, a crucial step in effective financial management.

20 %

Working capital needs
20% of businesses face challenges in their first year, often due to underestimating their working capital needs.

What our finance experts can bring to you

Tailored solutions designed specifically for your SME’s unique context

  • Fixed and variable cost structure: analyzing expenses by categorizing them into fixed and variable costs, allowing you to identify cost reduction opportunities and increase your profits.
  • Cost calculation: precise calculation of the cost price, incorporating all direct and indirect costs, enables the establishment of an optimized selling price, thereby improving the profitability of products and services.
  • Break-even analysis: determining the sales volume needed to cover the company’s fixed and variable costs, followed by interpreting the results to provide in-depth analysis and strategic recommendations on pricing policy and cost control. 
  • Working capital needs: better cash flow management leading to a reduction in your working capital requirement.
  • Budget planning: setting up a customized budget planning model that allows for efficient resource allocation and more informed decision-making to prevent financial imbalances.
  • Performance indicators and dashboards: implementing performance indicators and dashboards designed specifically to optimize your company’s financial management, offering clear visibility into your financial data and ratios. This enables you to quickly identify financial imbalances and implement the necessary corrective measures to improve your company’s financial health.

A sustained support that leads our clients towards achieving their objectives.

What our clients say about ACM

“We made the decision to proceed with ACM following our meeting with Benoit. The next morning, we had our first meeting with Hatem, Denis, and Imad. After introducing themselves and explaining how the collaboration would unfold, they got to work on the same day. Attuned to the current situation of the company and our vision, they provided concrete solutions that align with the needs and values of the company and guided us in their implementation. Barely a month after the team’s departure, we already see several improvements. Very satisfied! Thanks to the entire team.”

Tommie Arbour
Construction Tommie Arbour

“We are very grateful to the ACM team for their efficient and prompt analysis. They immediately identified areas for improvement. Thanks to their advice, we were able to implement corrective measures that stabilized our structure and allowed us to continue our growth. We sincerely thank Michel, Ali, Lyne, and especially Hatem for their valuable financial guidance.”  

Antony Paquin
Atelier Rivard

“You have done an extraordinary job helping us achieve our goals! It was an excellent meeting. I’ll allow myself to say, Lyne, you are inspiring you excel in your field.”

Sonia Dubé
Plancher Dubé

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