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Transform your organizational culture and increase your team’s productivity with effective HR methods.

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Create a company culture that values and energizes each of your employees.

Human resources are your significant competitive advantage and are crucial for any business’s smooth operation and success. Human resource management has become a critical issue for companies in the current economic climate, characterized by a labour shortage and rapid wage increases. Together, we create a healthy, appealing, and productive work environment where every employee feels valued and motivated.

We help you structure your business to be ready to meet these challenges and follow your strategic objectives.

Optimize your company’s structure to ensure it is perfectly aligned with your strategic goals and ready to meet challenges.

Common symptoms of a dysfunctional organizational structurees

  • High turnover rate: a significant number of employees regularly leave the company.
  • Low employee engagement: a need for more motivation and involvement from staff.
  • Internal conflicts: tensions between colleagues or across different departments.
  • Poor communication: difficulties in exchanging information between employees and management.
  • Skills mismatch: employees require additional skills to perform their tasks.
  • Recruitment challenges: difficulties in attracting or retaining talent within the company.
  • Lack of professional development: absence of ongoing training or opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Job dissatisfaction: employees discontent regarding their work or work environment.
  • Inadequate change management: resistance and difficulties in adapting to changes within the company.
  • Leadership issues: lack of a clear vision and an inability to inspire and align the rest of the team.

Did you know?

80 %

Over 80% of SME leaders work more than 45 hours per week.

500 %

A hiring mistake can incur costs up to five times the annual salary of the employed individual.

80 %

Succession planning
More than 80% of business leaders lack a succession plan.

What our human resources experts can offer you

Customized solutions tailored to the specific context of your SME.

  • Implementation of a clear and appropriate organizational structure: establishing clear job descriptions for each position, precisely defining your employees’ roles, responsibilities, and tasks.
  • Collaboration and communication toolkit: developing suitable tools for your operations to enhance collaboration and communication within your team. Their expertise will contribute to increasing productivity, strengthening cohesion, and improving the efficiency of your operational processes.
  • Development of a delegation strategy: determining which tasks to delegate, whom to assign them to, and how to ensure proper follow-up for better team efficiency.
  • Performance evaluation grid: evaluating the performance of your employees by providing customized performance grid templates adapted to each position. This approach promotes transparency, clarifies expectations, and helps establish healthy and supportive relationships within your company.
  • Skills development plan: a skills development plan will allow you to effectively organize and prioritize your training programs according to your strategic objectives and employees’ needs. This plan will also help you retain and engage your talents by providing them satisfaction and professional growth opportunities.
  • Definition, prioritization, and mapping of processes: defining, prioritizing, and mapping your processes while actively involving your employees in this process. This is an essential step to identify your processes’ bottlenecks, redundancies, and inconsistencies.
  • Succession planning and management guide: preparing succession plans for members of your leadership team, ensuring a smooth transition in the event of voluntary departures, retirement, or business transfers.

A sustained support that leads our clients towards achieving their objectives.

What our clients are saying about ACM

“ Great meeting with the people from ACM. We implemented the necessary changes following the recommendations to establish the roles and tasks for each position. We encountered some internal issues, and Mattieu, a member of the ACM team, returned to our facilities to address the issues in a very diplomatic and effective manner. We are very pleased with the final result and happy to have done business with Mattieu and Siham.”

Guy Croteau
Ébénisterie MVP Inc.

“ ACM has a relevant and professional working approach. They consistently strive to stay closely aligned with client expectations, providing targeted and customized solutions. It’s been great working with them.”

René Odi
Palettes Rive-Sud Inc.

“ We are very grateful to the ACM team for their efficient and prompt analysis. They immediately identified areas for improvement. Thanks to their advice, we were able to implement corrective measures that stabilized our structure and allowed us to continue our growth. We sincerely thank Michel, Ali, Lyne, and especially Hatem for their valuable financial guidance.”

Antony Paquin
Atelier Rivard

“You have done an extraordinary job helping us achieve our goals! It was an excellent meeting. I’ll allow myself to say, Lyne, you are inspiring you excel in your field.”

Sonia Dubé
Plancher Dubé

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