360-degree diagnosis

Take a step back and assess the health of your SME: an essential starting point towards your success.

Accueil 360° global diagnostics

Take the first step towards effective management of your SME

To optimize the management of your business, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of its operations and current situation. That’s why we always start our intervention with a global diagnosis, through which we analyze every aspect of your business management in-depth. It is an indispensable tool for all SME leaders who want to address their current challenges and explore growth opportunities.

Don’t let current management issues hinder your growth.

An analysis at different levels

  • Strategic: Your business strategy determines the direction you wish to take and the goals you aim to achieve. We analyze whether your plan is aligned with your long-term objectives and suits your market.
  • Leadership: Leadership plays a crucial role in the growth of an SME. We assess your leadership team’s ability to mobilize and inspire employees, make strategic decisions, and meet challenges. 
  • Finance: A complete financial statement will give you a clear view of your profitability, cash flow, and overall financial situation. We identify areas where you can make savings and optimize your finances.
  • Human resources: Your employees are your most valuable asset. We evaluate whether your organizational structure aligns with your strategic objectives and whether it fosters effective leadership within your team. This includes reviewing role assignments, defining responsibilities, and the ability of your leadership team to inspire and guide its colleagues towards the company’s goals.
  • Operational processes: Efficient and optimized operational processes are essential to support your growth. We identify processes that can be improved to increase efficiency and productivity and enhance the quality of your operations.

Explore how our global diagnosis can help you address them.

A multi-step approach

A sustained support that leads our clients towards achieving their objectives.

What our clients are saying about ACM

“ Great meeting with the people from ACM. We implemented the necessary changes following the recommendations to establish the roles and tasks for each position. We encountered some internal issues, and Mattieu, a member of the ACM team, returned to our facilities to address the issues in a very diplomatic and effective manner. We are very pleased with the final result and happy to have done business with Mattieu and Siham.”

Guy Croteau
Ébénisterie MVP Inc.

“ ACM has a relevant and professional working approach. They consistently strive to stay closely aligned with client expectations, providing targeted and customized solutions. It’s been great working with them.”

René Odi
Palettes Rive-Sud Inc.

“ We are very grateful to the ACM team for their efficient and prompt analysis. They immediately identified areas for improvement. Thanks to their advice, we were able to implement corrective measures that stabilized our structure and allowed us to continue our growth. We sincerely thank Michel, Ali, Lyne, and especially Hatem for their valuable financial guidance.”

Antony Paquin
Atelier Rivard

“You have done an extraordinary job helping us achieve our goals! It was an excellent meeting. I’ll allow myself to say, Lyne, you are inspiring you excel in your field.”

Sonia Dubé
Plancher Dubé

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