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Turn your vision into tangible results with our customized sales and marketing support.

Accueil Sales and marketing

Create a cohesive marketing and sales strategy to achieve your goals effectively.

Optimize the return on your sales and marketing efforts through strategies that align with your business goals. Our approach involves working hand in hand with you to craft specific actions designed to bolster your market presence and enhance visibility with your target audience.

A structured approach

We customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Here are some examples of potential solutions:

  • Strategic marketing plan: developing a strategic marketing plan is essential for optimal resource management in your business. Together, we will create a clear roadmap for both the short and long term to enhance your company’s performance and successfully achieve your goals. 
  • Sales plan: aligning your sales plan with your marketing strategy is vital for your teams’ success. Our consultants will help you design a tailored sales approach that maximizes revenue generation. 
  • Dashboards and performance indicators: we work together to develop customized monitoring tools to measure the real-time effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategies. These dashboards make it easier for you to adjust your campaigns based on observed results, improve your tactics, and manage your resources more efficiently, thus accelerating the achievement of your objectives. 
  • Customer Experience: the customer experience extends beyond mere interaction and is crucial for strengthening customer engagement and loyalty. Our experts can assist you in understanding your customer’s path to purchase and optimizing all interactions, aiming to create an exceptional customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. 

A sustained support that leads our clients towards achieving their objectives.

What our clients say about ACM

“We made the decision to proceed with ACM following our meeting with Benoit. The next morning, we had our first meeting with Hatem, Denis, and Imad. After introducing themselves and explaining how the collaboration would unfold, they got to work on the same day. Attuned to the current situation of the company and our vision, they provided concrete solutions that align with the needs and values of the company and guided us in their implementation. Barely a month after the team’s departure, we already see several improvements. Very satisfied! Thanks to the entire team.”

Tommie Arbour
Construction Tommie Arbour

“We are very grateful to the ACM team for their efficient and prompt analysis. They immediately identified areas for improvement. Thanks to their advice, we were able to implement corrective measures that stabilized our structure and allowed us to continue our growth. We sincerely thank Michel, Ali, Lyne, and especially Hatem for their valuable financial guidance.”  

Antony Paquin
Atelier Rivard

“You have done an extraordinary job helping us achieve our goals! It was an excellent meeting. I’ll allow myself to say, Lyne, you are inspiring you excel in your field.”

Sonia Dubé
Plancher Dubé

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